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March 29, 2008


Laurel Wreath

Oh my goodness I need some depends I am laughing so hard. I can't even catch my breath! Yep I think that would be a perfect Christmas card and title it "Welcome to our perfect little world."

Laurel Wreath

Ok lets see if I get this...chase on the left and caleb on the right. Tell me if I am right...

Pam Villanueva

What a great shot, Erin! All your babes feeding off each other and crying. The expressions are priceless. I think you could submit that pic to a photo contest. Gosh, your boys are getting sooo big!


I know they are suppose to smile, but I think the two photos are precious and worth framing :) - Thank you for sharing.

Amy Price

Oh my gosh, so cute and very realistic! We need to capture all their expressions, right? :)

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